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HunarPro is the world's only online independent research & development hub that provides the platform for students to become the best independent researchers who wish to pursue higher education or join the innovation teams in top organizations.

Students, Don't Get Fooled!

The Idea is to Learn By Doing! Everyone nowadays is binge-watching online courses and learning nothing because they don't do anything they just follow! At HunarPro, students join a research group of their interest, work on an actual research project while gaining skills on their own with the support & supervision of a research guide.

How does it work? 

The Selection Process

Online Application

Apply online to the position of your interest through the application form. Eligibility criteria are mentioned on the research topic page.

Personal Interview

Top 10 candidates will be shortlisted for a personal virtual interview conducted by the research guide. 

Final Selection

Based on the online application and the interview candidates will be given a final selection letter to join the team.

Applications Open For

Low-Cost LIDAR Sensor using Ultrasonic Distance Measurement & ML

Deadline: 15th May 2021

Voice-Based Patient Case Study Report Generation using Machine Learning.

Deadline: 8th May 2021

Pathology Report Scanning for the identification of probable symptoms and related diseases.

Deadline: 30th April 2021

Health Management and Tracking System with Medical Reports

Deadline: 10th May 2021

SLAM using Single Camera, Orientation and Distance data for Autonomous Navigation

Deadline: 15th May 2021

Database Management and Updation using Facial Image Recognition & Voice Inputs.

Deadline: 20th May 2021

What will you gain once you complete the research work?

Technical and Soft Skills

By joining the research group you would learn and apply the relevant technical skills on your own with the support and mentoring of the research guide, as well as you will be gaining the power of written and verbal communication.

Research Paper Publication

The outcome of almost all research groups involves publishing the results and experimental work in a reputed journal scientific research journal. Here during the research work, all students will be publishing at least 2 papers with the support of the team members and the research guide.

Network and Focused Community

During the research work, students will be working and engaging with fellow teammates through the weekly meetings, interaction sessions, and experimentations. This will help students to grow their network. If you want to be an entrepreneur and start building a great product maybe you can find your co-founder here!

Certificate of Research Completion

Getting recognition of what you have accomplished and learned is what matters the most nowadays, we just can't wait to put a post highlighting what we have made, well, here you will be doing that a lot. Every day you will be making something cool which you can't resist posting, finally, to sum up, your social media posts we award the Completion Certification.

Why You Must Apply?

You will not like to hear this but you will totally agree, that in the current situation Education has become a business, and startups are flooding parents and students with the fear of missing out!

From the time of our birth, we have learned millions of things and 80% of them were taught by our experience of trial-error and experimentation. Today's generation is now at a point that they have all the resources available online for free but they don't have a guide to help them during the experimental phase. That's why we are here to help you connect with the best guides and work your way up to learning with a research-based approach.

What are the technologies students work on?


Drones & UAV


Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence


Space Tech


Data Science

Cloud Computing

Mechanical CAD

Software Development

Design Thinking

Graphics Designing


Flooded with Questions? 

We have answered the most common doubts here...

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