Building top notch competent community through uncompromised hands on training with tech-enabled infrastructure to influence innovative thinking for creating impactful products thereby building reputation and strong network  


To provide educational institutions, organizations and individuals dexterity to upgrade their skill sets and excel in their respective fields

Who we are?

HunarPro is a center of Research & Innovation. with experienced professionals from various industries, mentors & counselors, we train the students to enhance their skills and think creatively. HunarPro Skilling uses remarkable teaching methods and industrial training standards that help the students to excel amongst their peers. At HunarPro, we promote innovation,ideas,creative thinking, research, and  entrepreneurship.

Our Teaching Methods

HunarPro Skilling entirely focuses on providing interdisciplinary research and training related to the upcoming technologies at an industrial level.We aim to build entrepreneurs and industry leaders.our teaching methods emphasize practical learning,with hands-on experience to inculcate industry standards,to make the students industry-ready.

Work Environment

At HunarPro,students, faculties and,mentors collaborate to enhance their skills and knowledge.They work together on new ideas,researches,and build life-changing products and services. We try to maintain a friendly environment,ensuring the students to follow discipline and complete their tasks on time.

How Did We Start?

HunarPro Skilling started on the grounds of problems and  challenges faced by its founders while competing in international competitions.We felt that there is a need to boost and lift the current standards of innovation in our country and build an immortal talented workforce and army of innovators for INDIA.

Why Learn With us?

Over two decades of experience and expertise in teaching Tech and coding helping students develop their tech skills for higher performance, better careers and growth in companies.

Our Team

Over two decades of experience and expertise in teaching Tech 

Karan Patil


Expert digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in the domain

Dhruv Patil


Lead designer, founder of design company, and 7 years of experience in UI/UX

Siddharth Lele


Expert iOS developer who has launched over a 100 iOS Apps in 5 years