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About Us

HunarPro is the brainchild of Mr. Karan Patil our founder & CEO. While competing at international competitions representing India he had a lot of challenges on technical aspects of robotics with the realization he identified that there is a strong need to lift the current standards of learning and technical support in the country to build an immortal talented army of innovators for the connected world.

HunarPro is a hub for innovation, research & development. Pioneered by experienced professionals from the industry, academics & startups. HunarPro is unique in its methodology of delivering the right skillsets. We promote innovation, research, and entrepreneurship as part of the research work. HunarPro is dedicated to higher levels of interdisciplinary R&D in the fields of emerging technologies with the strategy to build entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Our methodology emphases on a practical learning approach with hands-on experience to inculcate the best industry standards. This approach is meant to help students face all challenges with the supervision of a guide.

At HunarPro, students and research guides collaborate to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as build life-changing products and services