Current Workshops

1 Day Workshop: Building Robot Trolly

4 hours | Age: 8 years+

7th March (Sunday) 3 PM - 7 PM

What you will Learn?                               Electronic Circuit, C Programming, Wiring, Algorithm Design, Mechanical Assembly.

What you will Make?                               Robot trolley controlled by a smartphone to deliver small light objects around the house.

Fees:  ₹199/- without the kit                               ₹1199/- with the kit

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1 Day Workshop: CAD Designing for Robotics using Fusion 360

4 hours | Age: 13 years+

28th Feb (Sunday) 3 PM - 7 PM

What you will Learn?                               Mechanisms of robots, Software Features, Designing, Animation

What you will Make?                                 Home cleaning robot with the simulation of house environment

Fees:  ₹199/-

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