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HunarPro is By Champions For Champions

Established by the IndiaSkills Champions, HunarPro Academy of Robotics is India's only institute to provide students with extensive knowledge and understanding of Robotics. At HunarPro, students right from the age of 7 years are preparing to bring Laurence for the country at various competitions in and around the country as well as at the international competitions.

That being said, HunarPro also helps students from engineering disciplines to get trained and subsequently become leading Robotics Engineers for various organizations or start their entrepreneurial journey from the HunarPro's Lab.

About Us

Our Upcoming Events

Free Hands-on Robotics Workshop

When: 2nd October 2021

Where: HunarPro Academy of Robotics, Narayan Peth, Pune

Age Group: 8 years to 16 years

Topics: Robot Assembly, Robot Circuits, Wiring & Coding, Robot Competition, Robots in Real-World Applications

Courses Offered by HunarPro

School Students

Age Group: 8 to 17 years

Competition Preparation, Technical Proficiency & Career Clarity

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Diploma/ITI Students

Age Group: 15 to 19 years

Internship Opportunities, Competition Preparation & Project Guidance

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Degree Students

Age Group: 18 to 24 years

Internship Opportunities, Placement Support & Project Guidance

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Why You Should Join HunarPro?

Here at HunarPro, you get an opportunity to learn from our mentors, who worked hard and secured Medals in Robotics at the National & International competitions and have represented India in various countries. 

Learn how to tackle challenges from the experiences of our mentors and get a new perspective by learning using our fully equipped robotics lab.

We help students in acing competitions as well as internship opportunities at leading organizations of India focusing on Robotics and allied technologies.

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